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BY: Bix

Don’t Mess With Texas…Don’t Speed There, Either

Houston, Austin lead America’s cities in number of speed traps.

Given Texas's expanses of empty space and freedom-loving attitude towards guns, taxes and pretty much everything else (except immigration!), you'd think the state that gave us George W. Bush and Hank Hill would be pretty lenient about people exceeding speed limits. You'd be wrong.

According to the National Motorists Association, Houston and Austin each have more speed traps than any other city in the United States. (Dallas came in eighth on the list, with 156 traps.) Houston the winner by far, has a whopping 373 speed traps; Austin can only claim 189. Both cities have produced their fair share of horror stories, according to NMA; Austin cops reportedly consistently nab people for three to four miles per hour over the limit, while Houston sets speed traps right at the point where speed limits change. In fact, last year the Houston ABC affiliate found that their local fuzz write approximately 3,000 traffic tickets per day.

Of course, Texas isn't the only place who likes to go gestapo on speeders. We've included the list of the ten American cities with the greatest number of speed traps below, so give it a once-over to see if you happen to live in any of these unlucky burgs. And if you've got any speed trap horror stories, be sure to share 'em in the comments.

Houston, TX: 373 speed traps

Austin, TX: 189 speed traps

Las Vegas, NV: 187 speed traps

Colorado Springs, CO: 186 speed traps

Jacksonville, FL: 175 speed traps

Denver, CO: 165 speed traps

Orlando, FL: 165 speed traps

Dallas, TX: 156 speed traps

Chicago, IL: 153 speed traps

Los Angeles, CA: 151 speed traps

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