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BY: Bix

Want Safer Drivers? Make The Road More Dangerous

British university suggests removing road safety features could be beneficial.

A new study conducted in the United Kingdom claims a good way to make driving less deadly is to ditch safety features in order to place motorists and pedestrians in more danger. Don't bother checking that calendar—there are still 85 days until April First.

According to Newcastle University's research, 31 percent of drivers are bored enough behind the wheel that they sometimes drive recklessly—just to feel something, man. The solution, the school suggests, is to make driving less boring—by making it more dangerous. The study's lead reseacher, Joan Harvey, said (and to quote Dave Barry, we swear we are not making this up), "In towns we may need to start considering some radical schemes such as removing kerbs [sic] so there are more hazards - like pedestrians - around your car. Our research suggests that this might actually improve people's driving."

So there you have it. How do you keep people from speeding and driving recklessly? By making the very act of driving reckless. If everyone's insane, nobody is. As for the 69 percent of drivers who manage to keep their boredom in check—well, looks like they'll just have to learn fast from the other 31 percent. [via RAC]

Pictured: The chase scene from the movie Ronin, in which the drivers of multiple vehicles are required to be quite alert behind the wheel.


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