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BY: Bix

Mini’s Latest Ads Are Crammed Full Of Weirdness (w/Video)

Not that we expected anything less.

Mini's advertising campaigns have always brought delight into our lives, and these latest videos are no exception. Now if we only knew what the hell was going on in them.

The three videos below are teasers for the car company's soon-to-be-released 3D film, "Mini vs. Monster." From what we've pieced together, the film stars a giant chicken, a lower-middle-class female weightlifter and an easily offended Japanese family. What it's about beyond that, we don't know. Is it a dramatic battle between a subcompact car and a ferocious, destructive creature? An artsy metaphor for how size doesn't matter? A depiction of the current life of Mini owner and former-0-60-deputy-editor-turned-Monster World Rally-PR-guy Matt Tuccillo? We'll know when the flick drops next Friday, January 14th. Check out the videos below.

[via YouTube]


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