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BY: Bix

Mercedes-Benz C111 Given The Reboot

Texas tuner builds new version of rotary-powered classic.

The New Stratos is gaining some company in the realm of one-off 21st Century sports cars aiming to recall the glory of 1970s-era wedges. GWA Tuning, a Mercedes-Benz tuner based out of San Antonio, is working on a new version of the slippery C111 prototypes of the Apollo era dubbed the Ciento Once. (Spanish for "one hundred eleven," in case you were wondering.)

While Mercedes's original C111s used experimental Wankel and diesel engines, the new car makes do with a mid-mounted version of the Mercedes-Benz M120 V12 (also used in the Pagani Zonda), producing 408 horsepower and connected to a six-speed transmission. The brakes come from the S55 AMG, while the wheel-and-tire setup comes from the SLS; an adjustable coil-over suspension keeps the car on track.

The car was commissioned by Arturo Alonso, owner of GWA; while his company says the Ciento Once "will likely be one of a kind," we're willing to bet they'd build a few more if they find the buyers. (Though if for some reason they can't build you one, they also make a bitchin' body kit for the E63 Wagon.)

Check out more pictures of the GWA Tuning Ciento Once here.

[via GWA]


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