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BY: Bix

Chevy Camaro To Gain New V6 Engine?

High-tech six-cylinder may make 330 horsepower.

America's best-selling pony car of 2010 (it beat the Mustang 81,299 to 73,716) may be scoring a shiny new base powerplant. According to information leaked to the Camaro5 forum, a new 3.6 liter V6 internally known as LFX is headed under the hood of the Camaro for the 2012 model year, which will reportedly reach showrooms next summer.

While displacement is unchanged over the Camaro's current 312 horsepower V6, the new engine (based off the 3.0 liter mill in the CTS) could produce between 325 and 330 horsepower, based on Camaro5 estimates using the CTS's engine as a baseline—which means the new V6 would be at least as powerful as the strongest Camaro SS from the car's previous generation. And should you live in the corn-fed triangle between Minnesota, Ohio and Missouri, you'll be glad to hear the new engine will happily run on E85. [via Camaro5]


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