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BY: Bix

Porsche To Go “Spectacular” At Detroit Auto Show

We figured San Francisco would be better suited to that.

After a three-year absence at the Detroit Auto Show, Porsche is coming back—and like HBO's Kenny Powers, when Porsche comes back, they come back hard. A spokesman for the company told Bloomberg the car maker has an exciting introduction headed for the Cobo Center. “We’ll have something spectacular to show there,” said Hans-Gerd Bode. “You’ll have to wait and be surprised.”

Of course, this has prompted speculation up and down the Internet and across the car world as to what exactly the company has planned for the show. We're inclined to go with the short odds that say it'll be the production version of the 918 Spyder, but there's always a chance Porsche could be planning on throwing us a curve and revealing a heretofore-unknown concept car...or even the new 991 generation of the 911, which is due to show up at some point next year anyway. We'll find out next month...[via Bloomberg]


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