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BY: Bix

Mercedes-Benz Biome Comes to Life

Okay, not literally. (At least, not yet.)

Remember the Biome, Mercedes-Benz's entrant into this year's Los Angeles Auto Show Design Challenge? Well, while the car designers involved in the challenge are under no obligation to build real-world models of the fanciful cars they design, Mercedes went and made one anyway.

Unlike the concept, the physical Biome was not grown to spec out of a pair of genetically modified seed pods; it also will not run on synthetic chlorophyll called BioNectar4534, and cannot be refueled by trees. It could, in theory, seat four people in a quadrilateral pattern—imagine a McLaren F1's seating arrangement with a Vista Wagon-style rear-facing third row chair—but that's only if the concept physically opens, and we bet this example at least doesn't do much opening up. (We can't even tell if the thing has doors.) What it does do, however, is look awesome. It may be complete fantasy, but we still wouldn't mind driving one of these in our golden years. [via AutoWeek, Autocar]


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