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BY: Bix

Gran Turismo 5 Confirmed for November 24th!

In other news, pigs expected to fly Nov. 25.

Okay, maybe we're being a little harsh. But it's certainly safe to say after all the delays Gran Turismo 5 has faced, we're taking this latest announcement with a grain of salt.

Sony's official Playstation blog announced the official U.S. release date earlier today; PR manager Alex Armour says the date is "locked in," and if the game is delayed any further he might want to invest in a more physical form of his last name to protect himself from angry fans. GT5 guru Kazunori Yamauchi added that the game has been his team's "version of the Apollo Space Program;" an apt comparison at this point, since for the next two weeks, many people might actually take a copy of the game over a moon rock if given the choice.

Sarcastic remarks aside, we're actually really pumped for the new game—especially after taking a peek through the list of cars and tracks that will be available to play. The game will offer 1,031 cars and 71 tracks; if you're in the mood for the whole list, check out the cars here and the tracks here. [via Playstation.blog, Jalopnik]


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