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BY: Bix

Travis Pastrana Says Goodbye Rally, Hello NASCAR (Updated)

It’s just what you do when rallying ceases to be awesome.

Travis Pastrana has quite a few honors sitting on his shelf from his days as a Subaru rally car driver: setting a record for fastest drive up Mount Washington, earning the unofficial Kenny Powers Brass Balls Award for leaping his car 269 feet across Long Beach Harbor, and while not performing over-the-top stunts of testicular fortitude, he won 22 races and brought home four national rally championships.

So, apparently, he's grown bored with it. Okay, we don't know his motivation, but we do know that he's leaving the Subaru rally team to compete in NASCAR starting next year. Details are still scarce, but judging by the above picture, he'll be driving a Toyota and will be anxiously awaiting the chance to back flip his car. (That's one way to get us watching.)

We wish Travis the best, and hope he invites us to the housewarming party on whatever South Pacific island he'll be buying now that he's making NASCAR money. But a quick note, Travis: the guys you're working with now wear their trucker caps unironically. [via Jalopnik, Autoblog]

Update: We've since learned Pastrana will be joining Michael Waltrip's NASCAR team, and the venture will henceforth be known as Pastrana-Waltrip racing. (We assume the agreement also means Waltrip's babe-a-licious wife will change her name to Buffy Pastrana-Waltrip as well.) Pastrana plans on participating in seven races next year, with his involvement ramping up to 20 races in 2012. Check out a video of Pastrana in his new car below.

  • Blair says:
    November 11, 2010 at 4:10 pm

    I say good for him. He should be able to shake things up and drive the wheels off some of the NASCAR hacks. Now we just need more road courses.

  • LARRY S. says:
    August 6, 2011 at 6:39 pm

    when did Buffy know Mikey was gay ?

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