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BY: Bix

Rumor Has It The Audi Quattro Will Be Produced

A sighting of the concept car brings good news.

Reports that the Audi Quattro concept car will be coming soon to an Audi dealership near you have been bouncing around pretty much since the car made its debut at the Paris Motor Show this year. We've heard both Audi and the VW Group want to build it; we've heard they're already discussing where the car would be built, and what engine would power the car.

But according to Jalopnik, the car has, in fact, been confirmed for production. A keen-eyed reader of their site spotted the Quattro concept at a gas station in Malibu, CA; when he asked the car's handlers about it, they said the Quattro has been given the green light for public consumption. After seeing the magic-hour pictures of the car taken by Jalopnik's faithful reader, we're really hoping the Audi guys weren't just pulling his chain. [via Jalopnik]


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