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BY: Bix

The Backwards Burnout: Nov. 15-19

A look back at the big stories of the week.

Welcome to the Backwards Burnout, where we take a look back at the most important stories of the week. Obviously, one of the biggest stories (for us, at least) was the cancellation of the print edition of 0-60; however, since you presumably know about that already if you're reading this, we're not going to take up any more space here writing about it. On to the rest of the important stories on 0-60mag.com from the past seven days...

AMG, Ducati Join Forces

Here's one we never saw coming: AMG and motorcycle manufacturer Ducati announced at the Los Angeles Auto Show that they'd be teaming up for promotional events and sponsorships—for example, attendees of AMG driving events may have the chance to take Ducatis out for a spin, and vice versa. But we've heard that the ties between the companies may go much further in the future—possibly including AMG-Ducati branded bikes or even a buyout of the motorcycle maker by the Mercedes-Benz performance arm. AMG-powered motorcycles? Sounds promising to us.

Porsche Says Baby Boxster Has the Green Light

Porsche CEO Matthias Müller dropped some interesting news this week, telling Auto Express that not only is the long-rumored sub-Boxster roadster approved for production, it's advancing along at a rapid clip that could see it reach production in 2012. He also mentioned the company is currently working on a 2.4 liter boxer four-cylinder engine, and said Porsche may work together with Bentley and Audi on all three companies' future models. Just as long as our Porsches don't handle like Bentleys...

Tanner Foust Talks Top Gear USA (Part 2)

We brought out the second part of our interview with Tanner Foust, who opened up to Alex Bernstein and Michael Crenshaw about his new gig hosting the American branch of Top Gear on the History Channel, along with revealing his feelings on electric cars, mechanics and pre-race eating. Plus, watch the video and you could win a Top Gear USA T-shirt sure to make you the envy of all your Facebook friends when you post a new profile picture of yourself wearing it.

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