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BY: Bix

Staff Question: Whose Life Would You Live?

In which we reveal our darkest desires.

Sometimes we all want to be somebody else. It could be because things aren't going so well in our own lives; it could be because our life is fine, but somebody else's life seems so much better; it could be because you're sixteen years old. (That's always reason enough.)

While we at 0-60 are lucky enough to drive and write about some of the coolest cars on the planet, we still have moments when we wish we could live the life of some other automotive personality. So, with that in mind, behold our staff's picks for the automotive personalities whose lives we'd most like to lead.

Mike Spinelli: Mark Donohue (racing driver, master of the Porsche 917)

Matt Tuccillo: Lapo Elkann (current Fiat executive, speedball/male transsexual enthusiast)

Tony Harmer: Gianni Agnelli (former Fiat president, fashionplate) or James Hunt (F1 driver, outspoken BBC commentator)

Alex Bernstein: Dennis Gage (antique car lover, mustache aficionado)

Jack Chinelli: Boyd Coddington (hot rodder, CadZZilla progenitor)

Will Sabel Courtney: Paul Newman (actor/racing driver, salad dressing magnate)


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