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BY: Bix

Gran Turismo 5 Release Pushed Back Again

Sony says game should arrive “this holiday season.”

In a disappointing-but-really-not-surprising move, Sony has announced the long-delayed fifth installment in the Gran Turismo racing series has been delayed once more, this time until the "holiday season." This marks the third delay for GT5, which was originally supposed to hit stores in Japan last March; up until today, we were expecting the game to go on sale November 2nd. Sony says they're sorry for the postponement, but chalk it up to perfectionism on the part of the game's creators.

Honestly, the delay is bad, but we've waited long enough for the game that an additional month or two is the sort of thing we can grin and bear without much trouble. But come on, Sony—can't you offer a better idea of when we'll be able to buy it than "the general ChrismuHanukKwanzaa time frame?" We need to train for the forthcoming brawl for copies at GameStop. [via Playstation Blog]


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