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BY: Bix

Twin Turbo Enzo Hits 238 MPH

World’s fastest Enzo sets class record at Bonneville.

The universe finally smiled on Richard Losee's unlucky Ferrari Enzo, which set a new speed record for its class of 238.142 miles per hour at the Bonneville Salt Flats last weekend. Losee's speed also makes his twin-turbocharged Enzo the fastest known example of the car, along with the Enzo with the greatest number of miles—31,366.

While the car managed to break the record for Class C (360 cubic-inch) Blown Fuel Modified Sport vehicles, it wasn't easy; the Enzo only managed to hit top speed on its final run of the day, after prior attempts were hampered by tuning difficulties and problems deploying the parachute. (The latter seems like an especially worrisome problem on a car attempting more than 230 mph on a salt flat.) We're glad Losee's car has finally fulfilled its destiny, and we hope it inspires other exotic car owners with big fleets to try crazy stuff like this with their own super cars. (Are you listening, Sultan of Brunei?) [via Jalopnik]