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BY: Bix

Maserati to Build Una Piccola Quattroporte

That means “a small four-door,” folks.

It looks like Maserati wants to branch out further into the sedan business, starting next fall. According to Inside Line, the company will unveil a little brother to the Quattroporte in about a year's time, perfect for wealthy parents who need room for their kids but still want as much beauty as they can get in a car.

The new "baby" Maser (it'll still be a mid-size sedan) will be aimed at the BMW M5, Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG and the Jaguar XFR; given those three cars average 526 horsepower each (assuming the new M5 makes the same 555 hp as the X6 M), we imagine the Maserati will need an engine with more firepower than the 433 horsepower V8 found in the most powerful Quattroporte. (Maybe Ferrari has a few F430 Scuderia engines left lying around.)

No word yet on what the car will be called or where it will be built; the Turin facotory of Bertone is a good bet for the latter, and as for the former...hmm. Is there an Italian word for "MILF"? [via Inside Line] Pictured: Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT S


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