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BY: Bix

Ten Paris Debuts We’re Excited For

Many cars will be there, but these are the ones we’re really stoked about.

This year's Paris Motor Show, to use the parlance of fishermen, is a big 'un. According to The New York Times, the show's organizers have promised more than 100 world premieres at this year's show, giving it more debuts than any other auto show of 2010 by a wide margin. It seems like every day for the last month, we've heard about some new concept car, prototype or production car that will be showing itself to the world for the first time in the City of Lights.

But with so many cars coming to Paris, how does a lover of all cars fast and beautiful keep track of what to see at the show? Well, that's where 0-60 comes in. We've sifted through the press releases and sorted through the rumors to bring you a list of the 10 cars making their world debut in Paris that we're most excited about. And since you're on our website, we think you'll be excited about them too.

Check out the full list here.


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