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BY: Bix

NASCAR’s Worst Cheaters

Or, depending on how you look at it, NASCAR’s best and brightest.

There's something about NASCAR that makes tweaking the rules seem more acceptable than in most competitive events. Maybe it's the racing league's roots of liquor-running and back-road hoonery; maybe it's the relaxed nature of many of the people involved, from drivers to fans. But when we hear about someone wiling up an unfair advantage in NASCAR, we can't help but smile and be a little impressed. The good folks at Popular Mechanics have come up with a list of ten notable instances of cheating from America's favorite stock car racing series; while rule-bending genius Smokey Yunick rightfully nabs two slots for his sneaky stunts (like using a fuel line capable of holding a whopping five gallons of gas), we have to give the Ballzie Award to Tim Flock, who built his roll cage out of wood, then painted it to look like steel. (He also would bring his pet rhesus monkey along during races. Hey, it was 1952.) [via Popular Mechanics]
  • Brando says:
    September 5, 2010 at 11:54 pm

    The world needs more Smokey Yunicks. That man was a genius, and took many many wrenching secrets with him to the grave. Look into his "hot vapor" engine that he developed in the late eighties. He smoked a cigar, wore a big hat, and generally didn't give a damn what anyone thought. He was a character, and motorsports needs more characters, nascar or not.

  • barry overton says:
    April 5, 2011 at 4:44 am

    why reconize cheaters take champions from them like in other sports Its the owners who should be held liable they know whats going on how many times has rick hendrick teams been caught and he has a record for coruption he knows what is going on. Who benefits more crew chief or owner both i'm sure benefit, but the owner i'm sure gets more money. The crew chief is trying to keep his job. the owner has a lot of money invested. millons and millons If caught cheating strip all owner points.on first offense Don't make cheating owners and drivers look like heros Take 25 points from drivers on every race for the rest of season and 50 per race after first offense the chase begins thats right let them finish in the negative where they will start the next season behind. Would we have a 5 time champion The cheating would end. Nascar stop glamorizing cheating and punish accordingly like other sports. The nascar hall of fame full of cheaters,no other sport lets them in Set an example for the next generation of fans cheaters don't really win.Or make a cheaters division rick henderick should be the president or is there another convicted felon or more cheating nascar owner or driver how about old cheating DW is he more suited? He can't commentate Give the honest guys a chance they deserve. They are spending money too. Their fans also buy the sponsors products

  • barry overton says:
    May 13, 2012 at 2:21 am

    Poor jj .I've seen better burnouts on a tri- cycle. how did they cheat this time. hendrick teams are to nascar what monica was to clinton. Knas got this week off from his cryingWhat other teams get by with what they do.Clint got penalized so that jj could win another championship.Can't blame a wrecker on a pre race inspection,but if yourrick and your appeal is herd by your buddy you can do no wrong. come on rick lets see if omama will give you a pardon for your other illegal activites.Bribery, money laundering, etc. or lets fake another illness. its amazing you get well after a pardon.

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