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BY: Bix

Enzo Successor Will Be a Hybrid

New Ferrari flagship should drop in 2012.

Pop a Bayer under your tongue, traditionalists, 'cause this one might cause a heart attack. According to Ferrari chairman Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, the next entry in Ferrari's top-of-the-line supercar series will feature the HY-KERS hybrid system seen on the 599 Concept at last March's Geneva Motor Show. The new car will also follow in the footsteps of the 2007 Millechili concept, kicking off a trend of lighter Ferraris.

"[The] car will incorporate the state of the art of our knowledge in terms of increasing performances while reducing fuel consumption and emissions. It will then influence all Ferraris that appear after it," di Montezemolo told Autoweek in regards to the Enzo's successor. The hybrid tech alone reportedly reduces a car's CO2 output by 35 percent; combined with a lighter chassis, the next Ferrari flagship (The F70? The Dino?) seems poised to be quite a bit greener than its Enzo/F50/F40 forebears.

Given the entire reputation of the company is pretty much on the line with the car, it's hard to imagine Ferrari making a car that's anything but an utter blast to drive, no matter what combination of gasoline/electricity/magic/pasta powers the car. Of course, if the idea of driving a hybrid Ferrari really just doesn't work for you, you can always just take the train: di Montezemolo is also involved in Italy's first privately-owned high-speed rail service—and the trains will be painted in rosso barchetta, a color gracing more than a few Ferraris over the years. [via Autoweek] Pictured: Ferrari Millechili concept


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