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BY: Bix

Eco-Friendly Ferrari California Coming to Paris?

But eco-friendly doesn’t mean it’s a hybrid…

Piling onto the mountain of supercar rumors already accumulating about the Paris Motor Show comes this tidbit: Ferrari may be bringing an environmentally conscious California that won't be running a hybrid powertrain. Supposedly, the car may reduce its pollutants by adding a suite of new technology to the engine, including a better direct injection system, a reduction in internal friction, cylinder deactivation...and there's a small possibility there may even be a turbocharger involved. Energy-recovering brakes and lighter materials will likely also help decrease emissions.

Or so we think. Right now, our information is coming from Italian website Omniauto, so we're working off Google's translation of their page. Given the company's plans to reduce emissions and improve fuel economy in future models, it wouldn't be surprising to see them showing off what they've come up with so far beyond the HY-KERS hybrid system. We wouldn't be surprised to see plenty of the green California's tech make its way to the upcoming Enzo successor, either. [via Omniauto (in Italian)]


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