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BY: Bix

Want A 918 Spyder? Porsche Only Building 918

They’re very literal like that.

With the news that Porsche will only build 356 examples of the 356- Speedster-inspired 911 Speedster still fresh in our memories, the company has apparently decided to continue their "cute" production number trend by only building 918 street versions of the 918 Spyder. Come on, Porsche. Doesn't the German engineer in you crave a rounder number? Beautiful 1,000—simple, clean, incredibly divisible and oh-so-metric—is only 82 units away. You know you won't have any trouble selling them. Hell, the U.S. is only getting 266 or so—you could probably sell another 82 right here. Then we'd have 348—almost seven per state!

In brighter 918 Spyder news, new Porsche CEO Matthias Mueller said the company is rushing to complete the concept car by the end of the year (looked pretty complete to us), and hopes to have production versions on the streets "as soon as possible." Think we can have one before December 21, 2012? We'd really like to drive it before the Mayapocalypse comes. [via Inside Line]


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