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BY: Bix

Lamborghini LB715-4 Hits the Ring

Three prototypes seen running hot laps; was one a Superleggera?

While Lamborghini has confirmed they won't be bringing the Murcielago's successor to the Paris Motor Show, the car we currently know as LB715-4 is still racing towards production—which means it's time for Nürburgring testing. A trio of LB715-4 prototypes were spotted on and around the 'Ring, wearing camouflage light enough to give us a better sense of what the car will look like. (Think Gallardo-meets-Reventon.)

Reportedly, one of the cars wore a spoiler, and the spy photographer says he saw the "Superleggera" name on some of the car's equipment; while it's possible Lamborghini could be playing around with a Superleggera variant this early in the model's lifetime, we wouldn't expect any special editions for the first couple years of production. The company has reportedly decided against a dual-clutch transmission for the new car, but is playing around with something different from the car maker's current sequential manual. (A stick shift? We wish.) The latest rumor now puts the Murci replacement's public debut at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show; however, your friendly neighborhood Lamborghini dealer may spill some beans if you get him drunk enough. [via World Car Fans and Autocar, with more pictures at each]


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