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BY: Bix

Was There a Ferrari 599 Roadster At Pebble Beach?

An interesting letter makes us wonder.

While there were plenty of exciting moments at this year's Pebble Beach Concours D'Elegance, one rumored attendee appeared to be a no-show: a convertible version of the Ferrari 599. At least, that's what we thought, since we never heard about a drop-top Ferrari GT popping up. However, it looks like Ferrari may have had an event for potential owners, based on a letter posted by a user on Luxury4Play. The letter, which appears to be on authentic-looking Ferrari North America stationary, thanks the user for attending the 599 Roadster presentation, and describes the information they collected from potential customers as "first feedback." "I am sure our Ferrari engineers will deliver a unique, superlative and memorable supercar," the letter reads. Assuming the letter is authentic and not a mean-spirited photoshop, it would seem Ferrari is still tinkering with the 599 Roadster—in which case, it's not surprising we haven't seen it yet. As for why we haven't heard more about what those potential customers saw (or even whether there was a prototype there), it's possible Ferrari made everyone sign a non-disclosure agreement. And if that's so, well, we have to hope for the sake of our friendly leaker that posting this letter (you can see it below on the right) doesn't violate the NDA. But we bet it kinda does. [via Luxury4Play]

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