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BY: Bix

Plenty Available: Alfa Romeo 8C

Ten percent of America’s super-Alfas are currently for sale.

Are you sick of buying Ferraris, but find Maseratis just too plebeian? Lamborghinis too Germanic these days for you? Well, fear not, wealthy automotive enthusiasts of these United States. Out of about 80 copies of Alfa Romeo's jaw-dropping, heart-stopping, trouser-ruining 8C Competizione coupe brought to America, somehow, eight are currently available—half of them with less than 200 miles on the odometer, all of them with less than 2,000 miles traveled. Better yet, some of them come at a savings over the car's original price: A red 8C with 456 miles from Chicago offered the best bargain, going for a "mere" $189,995. However, if you find the idea of a red Alfa too cliche, a yellow model in Troy, MI with 98 miles (delivery miles, according to the salesman) goes for $259,000, or you could choose a black Costa Mesa, CA car with 100 miles for $229,000. (Some of the mileage figures and prices in the listings may vary, but we called to confirm the data.) Considering the sheer rarity and beauty of this machine, it's hard to believe ten percent of those brought to the U.S. are still up for grabs—especially considering all of them were reportedly sold before the cars even arrived Stateside two years ago. Guess some folks just don't know a good thing when they own it.

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