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BY: Bix

Next Mazda Sports Car: (RX-8)±1

Rotary-powered two-door could be called RX-7 or RX-9.

As we prepare to wave goodbye to the RX-8, Mazda is hard at work readying its replacement...but they still haven't decided what to call it. While a return to the classic RX-7 title would seem appropriate for the two-door sports car (the rear suicide doors of the RX-8 appear headed for the trash), the company is also weighing the use of the RX-9 name for the vehicle. Powertrain development is underway, with Mazda engineers still seeking a method to extract more torque from the rotary engine while decreasing fuel usage; turbocharging is reportedly on the table, while hybrid tech has been dismissed since the company can't find a way to make it suit their needs. Of course, the new car still hasn't been fully green-lit; if it's approved, expect to see it sometime in 2013, if not later. [via Motor Trend] (Pictured: Mazda RX-8)

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