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BY: Bix

Cross-Country Road Blitz: Reader Reactions

We had our say, now it’s time to hear yours.

Last week, we took a quick office poll to find out what car each of us would choose for a non-stop drive across the country, and who we'd choose for our co-driver. It was quite an informative experience: for example, we learned Tony likes his cars equipped with stick shifts and an esoteric, Scooby Doo-like crew, Crenshaw apparently has a limitless appetite for bad jokes and Burt Reynolds impersonations, and our intern Ray Ray is the most street person we know. But all you folks out there on the Internet chimed in too, and we wanted to share some of the best suggestions: Logan Tanner (via our website): "Red Ferrari 599 GTO with my wife and 9mo old son. or KTM X-Bow with my wife (not a lot of car seat room)." (Sorry to point it out, Logan, but the GTO doesn't have any car seat room either. Still, kudos for being bold enough to take a 9-month-old boy on a non-stop road trip!") brrong (via Twitter): "Jaguar XJS, Zoey[sic] Deschanel. I'd also bring a video camera for the inevitable indie-quirk existential documentary that would arise from such a trip." (Not sure whether this sounds like heaven or hell. Also, just in case you run into her in Williamsburg, she spells her name with two Os—"Zooey.") Sebastian Gartmaier (Via Facebook): "BMW 635d convertible and Jay Leno." (There were a couple people who wanted Jay Leno for their co-pilot, but Sebastian lands on the list for choosing the most unusual vehicle.) MattHardigree (via Twitter): "David Brown's DB5 Shooting Brake/Stirling Moss."(Several readers chose from the world's coolest octogenarians—Stirling Moss, Clint Eastwood. Certainly good company, but we worry folks didn't factor in the amount of pee breaks these gentlemen might need.) Matthew Pooley (via Facebook): "A motor coach and the FSU cheerleading squad. Needless to say, I wouldn't actually be driving." (For the win, Matthew. For the win.) (Pictured: Aston Martin DB5 Shooting Brake)

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