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BY: Bix

BMW Sports Car Hybrid Coming in 2013?

The M1 rumor mill continues to churn.

BMW will reportedly be bringing a production version of its EfficientDynamics sports car to market about three years from now, following a debut at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show. Internally known as the I100, the final version will likely be powered by a supercharged 1.5L three-cylinder engine of around 165-185hp working in tandem with two electric motors—one aiding the gas (or possibly diesel) engine in driving the rear wheels, and a second sending power to the front tires. There may also be a M version, using the 450hp turbocharged inline six purportedly powering the next-gen M3 and possibly even swapping its batteries for supercapacitors, which absorb and release energy faster than batteries do. No word whether or not this M model would in fact be considered the long-heralded return of the legendary M1, but given the way rumors about that car have found a way of attaching themselves to the EfficientDynamics concept like burs, it wouldn't be too surprising. [via Autoblog] (Pictured: BMW EfficientDynamics Concept)
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