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BY: mikespin

Porsche Rumors: Speedster 911, Other Stuff Coming?

New toys from Stuttgart, according to forum insiders.

In case you hadn't heard, there's been talk of new Porsche models on the way. That talk is heating up on the forums today, after a senior Rennlist contributor laid out Porsche's near-future product and sales-expansion plan from a recent meeting for sales managers. Thus, take this news with grains of salt, but considering the previous veracity of such reports, not too many grains.

911 Speedster!
If you recall the last 911 Speedster of the late '80s, the new, very limited edition two-seater -- expected by late 2010/early 2011 -- will get the telltale lower windshield, wide body, rear-wheel-drive, a full raft of Porsche technologies (PDK, PCCB, PASM, LSD), 408 horsepower, 19” wheels, and exclusive colors. MSRP: in range of $200,000.
911 GTS!
Spring 2011 is rumored to bring the Carrera GTS. That'll be a rear-drive performance model slotted below the GT3. It's expected to have the following: wide body, six speed, 408 horsepower, center-locking wheels, sport exhaust and other accouterments at a price of $103,100 for the coupe, $112,900 for the cab.
You already knew about this one, but the insiders say it'll be severely limited (135 cars), with regional sales managers allocating on an "as needed basis." Late 2010/early 2011 release, at a price of $245,000.000. All cars will be built over a two month period and all shipped at the same time.
Cayman "Spyder"!
You know about the new, lighter Boxster Spyder. But there's supposedly a Cayman version coming in Spring 2011. Same MO: lighter, 330 hp, Spyder-style design clues. $65,300.00.
918 Spyder??
Not finalized for production, but it'll be at Pebble Beach. But if it's approved, it'll apparently go quickly into production. [Teamspeed via Rennlist]

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