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BY: Ron

Godzilla vs the World

Three Nissan GTRs, up against some high dollar foes named LFA, Veyron, and more

By now, it's well known that Nissan's GTR is a technological masterpiece that is more than capable of embarrassing sheetmetal more than twice their weight in gold.

This has led to an infinite amount of internet bench racing, with allegiant forum hacks claiming dominance for their car of choice. Thankfully, the world's motoring press (along with some wildly rich Russians) is here to put those arguments to rest by pitting Godzilla against some of the world's most high dollar batches of speed–both in stock and tuned form. And if that's not enough, head on over to dragtimes.info for even more highway racing madness. Bonus Catch - Check the flames in the Vs. Veyron video at 2:42. Nice! vs LFA vs Veyron vs ZR1 vs Continental Supersports (source: Motor Trend via 7Tune and dragtimes.info)

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