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BY: Alex

0-60 Takes 2nd at Oregon Trail

Not too bad for our first time out.

It was a fun—and dusty—weekend at the Oregon Trail Rally, and our 0-60 / Sparco Scion XD faired pretty well against the competition. There were five cars in the two-wheel drive class and with Rally America champ Chris Duplessis behind the wheel and our very own Ron Zaras reading notes, we managed a 2nd place finish! Of the 27 cars that entered, only 15 finished without complication—we ranked in at 12th overall, only 1:15 off Dillon Van Way's Ford Focus, which mind you, makes a lot more power than our stock-engine Scion, as well has having plenty of seat time. We'll have in-car video and some good shots to put up when the team returns from Oregon, but until then, you can check out the car here, and in the second video, fast forward to 51 seconds to see Chris fly through a tight left, perfectly controlled. [Rally America]

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