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BY: Michael

21st Century Digital Countach

Bringing back the Lamborghini Countach in 21st century guise with electric power.

Now, there’s always that debate that electric power isn’t just for nerds looking to get their fix from a plug inside their house to power their latest EV, yet it has some serious performance potential. We don’t doubt that. However, we don’t think that a Lamborghini, let alone a revised Countach should have an electric powertrain running through this slick and bananas concept. This should have a proper V12 with 600+ horsepower and a howl that will make your grandmother cry. But that’s just us. This concept was created by Flavio Adriani and forgone is the V12 in favor of three electric engines; one powering the rear and two for the front. Lamborghini Countach revisited: electric or get the hell outta here?

(Source: 6Speed via LamboCars)

  • 99ways2die says:
    March 27, 2013 at 1:29 pm

    Well Im a lamo fan from way back, I love to know theres a car out there just to crush Ferrari but electric? NO FRIKIN WAY!. A 12 Cyl. started that car a 12 cyl. should be there in the end of the car, enough said.

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