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Ford Builds Apollo Edition Mustang

To infinity and beyond!

Via Ford: As far as special edition Mustangs go, this one is out of this world. For the eighth straight year, Ford Motor Company has created a unique, aviation-inspired Ford Mustang to benefit Experimental Aircraft Association youth education programs, including the Young Eagles. The Apollo Edition Mustang will be donated and sold via auction at the Gathering of Eagles charity event, July 23, at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2015 – the World’s Greatest Aviation Celebration. All proceeds from the sale of the car will benefit EAA youth education programs, including the Young Eagles, which has provided free introductory flights to more than 1.9 million young people since 1992, helping grow the next generation of aviators. Ford serves as exclusive automotive sponsor of EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2015, held July 20-26 this year at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. “The Apollo program delivered astonishing innovations in technology and achieved a national goal of landing the first human on the moon,” said Edsel B. Ford II, a member of the Ford board of directors. “The entire program was extraordinary – one of our nation’s greatest technological achievements. With this year’s stunning Apollo Edition Mustang, we salute that spirit of American ingenuity with the quintessential American automobile – Ford Mustang.” Based on a 2015 fastback Ford Mustang GT, Ford design and engineering teams transformed the 5.0-liter pony car into the Apollo Edition Mustang – a truly unique and highly valued vehicle that will excite enthusiasts and collectors alike. Led by Ford Design Manager Melvin Betancourt, the exterior features a one-of-a-kind glossy pure white and pure black non-production paint scheme that delivers a creative connection with the NASA Apollo program. The Apollo Edition Mustang features a carbon fiber front splitter, rear diffuser, rocker moldings and accent treatments, along with unique LED underbody lighting to symbolize atmospheric re-entry. Performance enhancements include a performance package, Ford Performance supercharger and shifter, X-pipe with side and rear exhaust, sport-tuned suspension, six-piston Brembo brakes and custom Forgiato 21-inch performance wheels. This Mustang will deliver a heart-pounding 627 horsepower and 540 lb.-ft. of torque to provide an exhilarating, controlled launch for its new owner. The theme carries into the cabin with exclusive interior details, including performance gauges, modified instrument cluster, unique sill plates and embroidered elements in seats, trim panels and floor mats. The auction of the Apollo Edition Mustang will be the pinnacle of the EAA Gathering of Eagles gala. The event annually draws more than 1,000 aviation enthusiasts in support of EAA youth education programs, which inspire young people to become engineers, aviators, astronauts, scientists and innovators – the aviation pioneers of tomorrow. “Ford has been a committed sponsor of EAA and AirVenture for more than 15 years – bringing incredible value to those who make Oshkosh the highlight of their aviation year,” said Jack Pelton, EAA chairman of the board. “With its eighth Mustang donation, Ford continues to excite with its specialty vehicles, which reflect the depth of the company’s commitment and which allow EAA to provide support to its valuable programs and dedicated members in helping us grow the next generation of aviators.” The Apollo Edition Mustang joins seven other one-of-a-kind Mustangs created by the Ford design and engineering teams for the auction in support of EAA youth education. Ford vehicles donated at EAA AirVenture events have collectively raised nearly $3 million.
July 16, 2015 at 06:13 PM
Yokohama Yankees Promo1

Yokohama Tire Wants To Send You To A Yankees Game

May the odds be ever in your favor.

Yokohama Yankees Promo

Yokohama Tire Corporation (YTC) has teamed up with Major League Baseball’s most successful franchise – the New York Yankees – to bring fans the “VIP Experience.” From now until July 31, Yokohama will be running an online sweepstakes for fans and, at the end, one lucky winner and three guests will get to go to Yankee Stadium to watch the 27-time World Champion Yankees take on the Chicago White Sox on September 26.

Baseball fans can enter by visiting www.yankees.com/ytcvip or by texting YTC2WIN to 89269. “Yokohama’s partnership with the Yankees has been a big hit with fans,” said Alan Holtschneider, YTC director of marketing. “The grand prize includes four Field Level MVP tickets, a chance to watch batting practice from behind home plate and a limited-edition New York Yankees gift bag.” The VIP Experience prize package includes roundtrip airfare to New York and hotel accommodations for the winner and guests. The winner will be picked on August 3, and the contest is open to all United States residents, 18 years of age or older. Contest rules can be found at: www.yankees.com/ytcvip.
July 09, 2015 at 12:33 PM
9004 composite

Win A 2015 Ford Mustang GT Designed By Chip Foose

What else do you really need to know?

Modern Muscle Design (MMD), the leader in aftermarket Mustang styling, along with the renowned vehicle designer, Chip Foose, today unveiled a one-off 810-horsepower supercharged MMD by Foose 2015 Mustang GT at Foose Design Inc. headquarters in Huntington Beach, California.  Today’s reveal comes ahead of the annual AmericanMuscle Mustang Show in Pennsylvania where the custom-built Mustang will be given away. The 2015 AmericanMuscle Mustang Show is the 7th annual charity all-Mustang car show in which 10,000+ spectators and nearly 3,000 Mustangs gather to benefit this year’s charity, Make-A-Wish®. At the heart of MMD by Foose is a 5.0 liter V8 engine producing more than 810 horsepower at the crank courtesy of a specially tuned version of Bama Performance’s 2.9-liter twin scroll Whipple supercharger. After being routed through the transmission, a custom carbon fiber driveshaft and upgraded axles from The Driveshaft Shop, 650 horsepower reaches the custom 20” Foose Design wheels wrapped in Pirelli tires. Additional performance enhancements include a Magnaflow Competition Cat-back exhaust system built to optimize exhaust flow and performance for the MMD by Foose 2015 Mustang, as well as Vogtland Sport Suspension; assuring the perfect stance and handling to cope with the car’s increased acceleration. Starting first as a simple sketch months prior, Foose incorporated his signature design aesthetic into every aspect of the Mustang, complementing the car’s high performance and bringing eight new MMD by Foose components to life which will be available as stand-alone parts to order later this year. Using an advanced system of sculpting and prototyping, MMD and Foose developed the new parts to become seamless additions to the Mustang’s factory design. Each new part was further refined to ensure world-class OE-spec fitments and customer satisfaction when they go on sale in the fall, sold exclusively through www.AmericanMuscle.com. “We are very excited to work together with MMD and legendary designer Chip Foose to debut the MMD by Foose Mustang to the world,” said Justin Dugan of AmericanMuscle. “We are thrilled to be able to offer fans a chance to win such a unique Mustang at our car show this summer.” The new MMD by Foose products installed on this 2015 Mustang GT include: -MMD by Foose Chin Spoiler: A sleek chin-spoiler that takes cues from the factory design and adds a cleaner, lower appearance to the front bumper. -MMD by Foose Hood Scoop: The dual ram-air styled hood scoop fills out the factory hood’s center channel and continues the sharp crease marking the center of the vehicle, adding an aggressive look to the front end of the car. -MMD by Foose Rocker Panels: The MMD by Foose rocker panels elegantly match the side profile of the vehicle when combined with the MMD by Foose chin spoiler, providing the whole vehicle with a lower overall look. -MMD by Foose Side Scoops: The MMD by Foose side scoops accent the vehicle’s factory body lines and draw inspiration from the performance pony cars of the 1960s and 70s. Working in conjunction with the MMD by Foose 1⁄4 window louvers and hood scoop, these accessories add a unique look to the car that underscores its raw 810-horsepower performance. -MMD by Foose Quarter Window Louvers: Following the seam of the factory quarter window and adding just enough depth to nod at a retro/scooped design, MMD by Foose Quarter Window Louvers look as though they could have been added at the factory. In keeping the theme of all of the MMD by Foose parts, the subtle creases in the window louvers perfectly compliment the creases found in the hood scoop, side scoops, etc. -MMD by Foose Rear Spoiler: Playing off of the factory roof lines, license plate surround and lower bumper, this rear spoiler looks sleek and elegant enough to be original equipment, yet aggressive enough to turn heads. “I am so excited about the parts that MMD and I have been working on for the 2015 Mustang. They really enhance the factory styling while keeping that classic Mustang look. We started by looking at the factory design language of the car itself and I really wanted to translate that into all of the parts that I designed. I didn't want them to look like an afterthought or obviously an aftermarket part, but something you could get right from the factory.” – Chip Foose  Starting today and through August 3, 2015, fans can enter online up to once a week to win the MMD by Foose. AmericanMuscle will fly the winner to its 2015 Mustang Show in Mohnton, PA. Chip Foose will be on-hand to deliver the keys to the lucky winner on August 15. The show benefits the Make-a-Wish® Foundation and is expected to draw more than 10,000 spectators and more than 2,500 Mustangs. Must be 18 or older to enter and a resident of the United States. For more information about the sweepstakes, please visit: http://www.americanmuscle.com/foose. For your chance to win: http://www.americanmuscle.com/mmd-foose-2015-mustang-giveaway.html
June 26, 2015 at 01:22 PM

2016 Chevrolet Camaro Photos Leak

Up briefly on Chevy's website the images have since been removed ahead of the official launch.

[Via Camaro6]
June 22, 2015 at 06:04 PM

Gumball 3000 European Adventure

Experience the Gumball 3000 from inside the rally with Team AsianDate and AnastasiaDate.

Story By: Jonathan Millstein A street in Stockholm is filled with some of the most unique and colorful cars in the world. Walking amongst them is their drivers who share the same attributes; this is the starting grid to the Gumball 3000. It’s a sight thousands turn up to witness and hundreds of thousands are exposed to simply through #Gumball3000 before the green flag even drops on the annual rally. And while the rally has grown into an event known worldwide in its 17-year existence, and more recently through social media, it continues to cultivate intrigue as a brotherhood most will never have the means to join. As a journalist I’ve positioned myself squarely in the category of, “never having the means to join,” but was fortunate enough to receive a call to take part in the rally with the AsianDate and AnastasiaDate team. After retrieving this voicemail for the very first time I debated not returning the call. What could two dating sites I’ve never heard of have to do with the Gumball and were they really inviting me out of the blue? It all seemed too good to be true. Thankfully, I did return the call and while I was still unsure at the time as to why these sites were interested in the rally they were legitimately interested in having me join them, which I wasn’t going to pass up. I met up with the AsianDate and AnastasiaDate teams and their pair of ’69 Z/28 Chevrolet Camaros in Oslo, Norway, the first stop on the European leg. It was that evening at dinner that I learned our crew was running around 15 journalists and 30 support staff, our own little rally within the rally. While I was just joining the rest of the team already had a night or two, depending, and a day of driving together and the camaraderie was already clear. This sense of family is one that would engulf everyone on the rally; we were no longer spectators, but “Gumballers.” The next morning we would be traveling from Oslo to Copenhangen, Denmark and mark my first real chance to witness the whole rally. Riding four deep, primarily in Volvo SUV support cars, we met up with the pair of Camaros at the starting grid. Surrounded by spectators the Gumball entries would slowly roll out one by one giving the hoards of fans an extra rev here and there. We joined in a caravan with our Camaros and with Oslo in our rear view mirrors we were off, as quick as you enter a city on the Gumball you’re gone. Along the Norwegian countryside every overpass was filled with spectators waiting to see the cars, take photos and wave their home nation’s flag. It was this first portion of the drive I truly began to understand how much more depth there was to the rally than just “cool cars.” These people were fans, but of what? Sure a few celebs were taking part, but for the most part these were just people with nice cars or in our case journalists in rented Volvos. Yet at every bridge through an entire country people stood and waited and every time it gave me chills because in that moment we were a bit of a celebrity, a feeling that can't be replicated on a whim. This driving day brought us into Sweden en route to Denmark where we stopped at the Koenigsegg factory for lunch and a factory tour. However, it was immediately off the highway exiting for the factory I saw my first sign of police, for lack of a better word, harassment. A checkpoint on a slow curving exit in the middle of the afternoon provided no apparent cause for existence other than a show of force. As we made our way toward the factory which sits at the edge of a working private airport we were guided to the parking lot by fans walking that direction to get a look at the parking lot or, rather, makeshift car show that sprung up under a light drizzle. It was truly amazing how the fans always knew where we would be when I as a participant didn’t even know half the time. With only a half day under my belt my world was already all Gumball. My social media feeds were being flooded with images from the friends I’d already made along the way and my recommendations continued to suggest new friends on the rally. The appeal of the rally to online dating came into focus; Gumball participants and fans are incredibly Internet savvy. Additionally, the rally routinely spans numerous countries and continents so the idea of dating sites that connect people across those same borders makes perfect sense. That afternoon we crossed a border of our own and rolled into beautiful Copenhagen and it was immediately off to AnastasiaDate and AsianDate team family dinner; the Gumball doesn’t allow for time to rest. Seated at a long table of an Italian restaurant we swapped tales of the rally: casual encounters, car problems, arrests and tickets. The Gumball rally is like nothing I’ve experienced in that it is measured by its failures as much as it by its successes; it is at the end of the day an extreme sport that pushes the limits of cars and man. With a 12 hour driving day ahead of us we left dinner and headed to the official Gumball party that night, #GumballLife. "Gumballers" filled the Copenhagen club that could have been any club anywhere if not for the mass amounts of Gumball gear. Gumball attire was worn proudly at all times, a sort of varsity letter jacket that one earned. Additionally, the attire meant you made it. To your left or right at any given time could be a prince or multi-millionaire or Tony Hawk, but you were there so you were one of them. In an attempt to be semi-responsible it was a fairly short night, but one not short on laughs, champagne showers and Matthew Pritchard dancing on the bar. On very little sleep it was off to Amsterdam a drive which would include a 45 minute ferry ride to Germany just an hour in which was a welcome break from sitting in the car. In Germany the Gumball cars were forced into caravans of eight cars plus one German pace car to keep them in line since Germany doesn’t allow car rallies, a reasonable compromise it would seem. That is until about an hour down the road German authorities would shutdown the entire highway forcing all cars to exit through a rest stop. To be clear, a German police car was parked perpendicular across the two-lane highway creating bumper-to-bumper traffic and forcing Gumballers and civilians alike to exit. It was here they were checking all of the rally participant’s documents, a move I still can’t figure out why they didn’t do when they split off the cars into their groups at the border an hour earlier. Burnt out from the longest driving day of my life it was straight to the hotel for a quick rest, shower and back out to meet up with the team at the hotel restaurant before the final party. The venue was the entire covered courtyard of the Conservatorium hotel in an upscale neighborhood of Amsterdam. More spread out than the previous evenings event this had more of a cocktail party feel until Afrojack took to the stage and was joined by Martin Garrix. However, as quick as it felt like it got going it was over, but this is the Gumball, if people want to party they will party. With that the remaining revelers moved to one of the hotel bars and kept going for more drinks and more Pritchard dancing on tables. The following day most would board Gumball Air to finish the rally in the U.S., but for me that would be where I’d regrettably have to part ways with my Gumball family. As I returned to my room and drew the curtains closed I looked out and saw the sun rising on my first Gumball, #GumballLife.
June 03, 2015 at 02:16 PM
Mercedes-Benz Concept GLC Coupé

Mercedes-Benz Releases GLC Coupe Concept Images

The GLC Coupe Concept is nearing production and it can't come quick enough.

Via Mercedes-Benz: April 19, 2015 - Stuttgart / Shanghai In a flowing transition, Mercedes-Benz lands the next coup: the Concept GLC Coupé is a near-production-standard study that carries the successful GLE Coupé formula over into a more compact segment. The dynamically expressive show car combines typical stylistic features of a coupé with the sensually pure design idiom of coming SUV generations. This emotively appealing fusion is further enriched with details that are strong in character. A twin-blade radiator grille, powerdomes on the hood and a four-pipe exhaust system form an aesthetic contrast to the harmonious, almost organic main body section. On the other hand, elements from the rugged off-road world, such as enormous 21-inch tires, front and rear underbody protection, increased ground clearance and side running boards, are indicative of the off-road performance potential of the Concept GLC Coupé. Gorden Wagener, Head of Design at Daimler AG, puts it in a nutshell: "With its modern and sensual design idiom, the Concept GLC Coupé gives a foretaste of future SUV models from Mercedes-Benz. At the same time, it embraces the typical values of tradition-steeped Mercedes-Benz coupés". The same successful blend of the multifunctional SUV and the emotively appealing coupé world of Mercedes-Benz that was so enthusiastically welcomed with the GLE Coupé is now repeated with the Concept GLC Coupé. However, the near-production-standard show car inhabits a more compact segment, as demonstrated by the external length of 186.2 inches (4.73 meters) and the 111.4 inch (2.83-meter) wheelbase. These two dimensions, together with the striking and muscular main body section, elongated greenhouse and large 21-inch wheels, provide an ideal basis for the typical, almost dramatic proportions of the sportily youthful coupé generation with the characteristic off-road touch. Distinctive front end, sculptural headlamp design At the front, a short, crisp overhang with upright radiator grille and twin-blade louvre so characteristic of sporty Mercedes-Benz models give a first indication of the sporty philosophy behind the Concept GLC Coupé. The credo "Born to race on every ground" is confirmed by the powerdomes on the hood, the sweeping lines of the A-wing below the radiator grille, the large side air intakes and the visually dominant underbody protection. Like all the trim elements on the concept vehicle, this typical SUV feature radiates in silver shadow to form an attractive counterpoint to the solar-beam paintwork and the all-round claddings in matte gun metal magno paintwork. Reminiscent of light sculptures, striking LED headlamps decisively shape the expressive face of the Concept GLC Coupé. All functions are united in one housing: for illumination, the daytime running lamps and turn indicators use the upper strip inserts, dubbed "eyebrows" by the designers. Below them are three rotating lenses, which appear to positively float in the deep, three-dimensional space and which adapt to the situation to optimally illuminate the road or terrain. Of course, the headlamps are non-dazzling for oncoming traffic in lower beam, upper beam, cornering light or active light mode. This is achieved by blanking out the light cone in the area of oncoming vehicles. Side profile with low-slung coupé greenhouse and large SUV wheels The perfection with which the intrinsically contrary design worlds of the coupé and the SUV have been brought into harmony with each other is revealed in particular by a side view of the just under 63 inch high (1.60-metre) Concept GLC Coupé with the typical, elongated roof line of a sports coupé. Like the integrated roof rails and fully recessed door handles, the squat greenhouse with its frameless side windows blends perfectly into the vehicle's flanks to additionally underscore the coupé-like character. The interplay with the high beltline, wide shoulders and accentuated wheel lips gives rise to extreme proportions that lend the Concept GLC Coupé a thrilling dynamism. This highly charged interaction is given extra emphasis by the drawn-in waist between the dropping line and the lower, rearwards ascending light-catching contour. A clear indication of the more prominent SUV genes is given by sill extensions reminiscent of the side running boards on a classic SUV. Flush with the outside edge of the body, wide 21-inch wheels with large, heavily profiled tires combine with the relatively high ground clearance to endorse the sportily dynamic off-road ambitions of the Concept GLC Coupé. Rear end with distinct coupé heritage The rear view of the precisely 78.7 inch (two-metre) wide Concept GLC Coupé in particular reveals the wide, muscular shoulders with harmoniously modelled wheel arches that house 21-inch (53.3 cm) wheels with 285/45 R 21 wide-base tires. The four polished stainless-steel tailpipes of the exhaust system provide a visual highlight. Mounted in pairs above an A-wing similar to the one at the front and featuring characteristic underbody protection, the tailpipes underscore the sporty look of the coupé. Overall, it is the styling of the rear end that most clearly accentuates the coupé genes of the concept vehicle. Narrow, split tail lights, centrally positioned brand star and a sharp spoiler lip emphasize a design line that made its debut with the S‑Class Coupé and which all Mercedes-Benz coupé models have since followed. Relocated to the lower section of the bumper, the number plate as well as the typical form of the rear window with its rounded upper area are among the further stylistic features. The night design of the LED tail lights sets a new tone. Adapted from the headlamps, the strips at the top are home to the turn indicators, which use chasing lights to signal a change of direction. A circular rear light encloses a central lens that adaptively augments the brake lamp for even better visibility. Technical details provide a stimulating contrast Hard technical details give an additional emotive appeal to the Concept GLC Coupé with its almost organic form of the main body section. For example, excitingly designed components such as two-part, open light-alloy wheels, wing-look exterior mirrors and the already mentioned four exhaust tailpipes set a deliberate stylistic contrast intended to underscore the technological claim of the show car. The same goes for the underbody protection with front and rear cooling ducts and the headlamps and tail lights, which resemble light sculptures. Power aplenty: all-wheel-drive powertrain producing 367 hp The drive technology aboard the Concept GLC Coupé matches the vehicle's looks. A V6 powerplant delivering 367 hp (270 kW) and 384 lb-ft (520 Nm) makes for a highly sporty level of performance. Familiar from AMG sports models, the direct-injection biturbo engine is teamed with a 9G-TRONIC nine-speed automatic transmission and 4MATIC permanent all-wheel drive to provide the show car with emphatic acceleration while at the same time giving an acoustically audible note to the impressive performance. Depending on the transmission mode setting, the tailpipes give off either a commandingly subdued rumble or the passionate sound of a high-powered sports car. Extension to the SUV world of Mercedes-Benz The SUV world of Mercedes-Benz has room for further models, such as a production version of the Concept GLC Coupé. The wide range of models allows customers the flexibility to order a tailor-made vehicle to suit their personal preferences. At the same time, the show car would enrich the trendsetting coupé world of Mercedes-Benz with a new all-rounder while providing a logical addition to models such as the four-door coupés. In addition to spawning entirely new classes of vehicle, these models have also exerted a considerable impact on the model policies of all manufacturers. They have also proved an outstanding success on the sales front.
April 21, 2015 at 05:41 PM
Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 1.04.06 PM

Dubai Police Put On A Show Of Force

You never want to see flashing lights in the rearview, but you REALLY don't want to see them on these supercars.

February 10, 2015 at 04:14 PM

Jaguar And Land Rover Tease New Bond Cars

The Jaguar C-X75 will join the already confirmed Aston Martin DB-10 in what's bound to be an amazing chase scene.

Via JLR: Jaguar Land Rover has announced its line-up of vehicles set to feature in SPECTRE, the 24th James Bond adventure, from Albert R. Broccoli's EON Productions, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, and Sony Pictures Entertainment. These will include; Jaguar C-X75s, Range Rover Sport SVRs and Defender Big Foots which have been provided by Jaguar Land Rover Special Operations. The Jaguar C-X75 will feature in a spectacular car chase sequence through Rome alongside the Aston Martin DB10. The C-X75 vehicles have been built in collaboration with Williams Advanced Engineering facility in Oxfordshire, England. Scenes including the heavily modified Land Rover Defenders & Range Rover Sport SVR have already been filmed in Austria. The Range Rover Sport SVR is the fastest and the most powerful Land Rover ever. The highly capable Big Foots were constructed by the Special Operations division with huge 37-inch diameter off-road tyres to tackle the extreme terrain. They also feature bespoke suspension and enhanced body protection. Managing Director of Jaguar Land Rover Special Operations, John Edwards, said: "This is an exciting partnership for Jaguar Land Rover and an opportunity to demonstrate the fantastic capabilities of the Special Operations team.'' Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles have been involved in a succession of Bond films. Most recently, in 2012, the rugged Defender 110 Double Cab Pick Up was driven by field agent Eve Moneypenny in the opening sequence to SKYFALL
February 09, 2015 at 03:05 PM
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