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BY: Alex

If Money Grew On Trees

Ok here’s a hint… Audi S2 + Mk2 GTI + sick fab work = dream hatch

It's been a while since I found a build that really inspired me, but this one forced me out of my "If Money Grew On Trees" hiatus. Some stumbling around on Build-Threads led me to the original build thread of one of the sickest Mk2 GTIs I've ever seen. It's crazy to think that one dude in his garage is capable of creating a true masterpiece of mechanical mayhem and fuel-injected brilliance. The Audi S2 came with the famous inline-5 20v Turbo, along with a bulletproof Quattro drivetrain. So, if you find yourself a banged up S2 and have some time, skills and an already gutted and caged Mk2, well, you have yourself a plan. Utilizing a space-frame setup, the owner was able to mount the I-5 longtudinally and swap the entire S2 drivetrain into the little Golf shell. I imagine, without an interior or any sound deadening, this hot hatch tips the scales around 2600 lbs. With a turbo that size, the owner claims the car's making around 550hp, at all four wheels. So you figure, with these numbers, the motor makes about 643hp with a calculated 17% drivetrain loss and you have yourself a monster—power to weight ration of 4 hp/lb (a Veyron is 4.44 hp / lb) Get it? Check out the Gallery after the jump to fully appreciate the amount of work and money it took to bring this sick idea to fruition. A quick video to hear it scream: here
  • Brando says:
    August 19, 2010 at 10:07 pm

    Coin Star here I come!

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