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Top 10 Exotics From SEMA 2013

Gearing up for SEMA 2014 next week, we take a look back to last year.

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October 30, 2014 at 05:04 PM

Audi R8 Competition To Debut In Los Angeles

The fastest production Audi to date!

[gallery ids="541827,541826,541825,541824,541823"] Limited to just 60 units in the states the R8 competition can hit 0-60 mph in 3.2 seconds and a top speed of 199 mph. Propelling the Audi to those speeds is a 570hp 5.2L V10 motor offered only in a sevens-speed S tronic. Via Audi: Audi of America announces the debut of the powerful 2015 R8 competition at the upcoming 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show. The R8 competition redefines the iconic R8 as the pinnacle of Audi performance with 570 hp and racing-inspired, lightweight matte carbon elements. “The limited-edition Audi R8 competition is the closest road car to our R8 LMS ultra race car that has won virtually every race around the world,” said Scott Keogh, President, Audi of America. “It is designed for the driving enthusiast and we’re excited to bring 60 units as a limited-edition to the U.S.” The high-performance R8 competition features a 570hp 5.2L V10 mated exclusively to a seven-speed S tronic and a sport exhaust system with black high-gloss tailpipes. This combination results in a 0-60 mph time of 3.2 seconds and a top speed of 199 mph, making it the fastest R8 ever offered. The R8 competition is engineered to push the limits, sharing the same naturally aspirated V10 FSI engine as the Audi R8 LMS race car which has won Daytona and Nuerburgring 24 hour races as well as all other major GT races around the globe. The award-winning GT-engine represents the pinnacle of durability, requiring its first major service after approximately 13,000 miles under race conditions or approximately one full race season. Competitor engines require a major service after one 24 hour race. Further enhancing the unmistakable Audi R8 competition design are striking matte carbon exterior elements consisting of a fixed rear spoiler, engine bay, mirror housings, flics, side blades, front spoiler and rear diffusor. The combination of the carbon elements lower the weight of the R8 competition and also provide greater downforce. Gloss black wheels with 305 cross-section rear tires and ceramic brakes with anodized red brake calipers provide a stunning contrast to the matte carbon fiber elements. Inside, drivers will find a matte carbon fiber treatment including the center console and illuminated “R8 competition” door sill inlays. The R8 competition is an Audi exclusive line vehicle, which allows the driver to pair a variety of interior and exterior colors and choose from a selection of wheel finishes for a striking look designed to meet driver needs and tastes. A total of 60 units will be produced at the R8 production facility in Neckarsulm, Germany. Customers can begin ordering the Audi R8 competition as of early November with deliveries expected as of the beginning of 2015.
October 29, 2014 at 03:12 PM

2014 Scion TC: Reviewed

The best looking compact coupe in the game.

[gallery ids="541818,541819,541815,541817,541816"] Photos & Story: Evan ‘Evo’ Yates Even though FR-s is the Scion that gets most fanfare these days, the TC exceeds every expectation as it’s the best combination of looks, driver experience and price. At first glance, the TC is both beautiful and bold. The chiseled roof and body lines certainly make a statement as it seems to have a slightly pissed-off attitude which really works for this type of car. Everything about the TC is stylish from the headlights and taillights to the tuner-ish front fascia. The TC is definitely one of those cars that you never get tired of seeing in your garage. The interior is surprisingly comfortable and quite convenient. The new 6.1″ LCD screen up front is easy to use and integrated well with my iPhone. All the gauges are easy on the eyes and the seats are comfortable while keeping you in place at the same time. There was also something about the interior that made you forget you were in an affordable vehicle and that’s rare as the interior is usually the first thing to go on cars under $25,000. The most impressive and surprising attribute of the Scion TC is the driving experience as a whole. Admittedly, I was under the impression that most Scions had an ‘economy’ feel to them and that couldn’t be further from the truth with this car. The TC was peppy from light to light, it took corners with little effort and there wasn’t any notable noise at high speeds. The TC only falls short on the highway as it’s definitely not built for the top end but that does little to thwart a predominately positive experience. I know people are probably going to flame me for this, but for around town driving I actually prefer the TC over the FR-S! (I’m not really a die-hard sports car guy, sorry). On top of everything you get with the Scion TC, the price drives it home as you get a lot for around $20,000. If you’re in the market for an economy coupe and don’t wan’t to sacrifice much, the TC is hands-down the only option on the market. Damage: $23,165 Power: 179 hp, 172 lb.-ft. 0-60: 7.3 sec Gas Cash: 23 City, 31 Hwy Miles Driven: 350
October 28, 2014 at 12:42 PM

High-Performance Kia K900 Set For SEMA

The flagship sedan gets "a day at the races" inspired upgrade.

[gallery ids="541811"] Via Kia: Exceptional performance and personalized style are prerequisites for the machine that carries a racing driver or team owner to and from the track on a daily basis, and the High-Performance K900 delivers both. Starting with a custom, one-off body kit with carbon fiber inserts, custom-blended gray paint, blacked-out chrome trim and massive 21-inch gloss-black wheels, the High-Performance K900 offers a subtly menacing appearance, which hints at the power underneath.
October 27, 2014 at 01:20 PM

First Look At The McLaren P1 GTR Interior

… And it's not going to make you want to drive it any less.

[gallery ids="541808,541807"] Via McLaren: The first images of the interior show how the driving environment of the McLaren P1™ GTR has been designed to be as focused for the driver as possible, and is stripped of all but the essential items in a bid to keep weight to a minimum. The lightweight carbon fiber MonoCage chassis is carried over from the road car, and weighs just 90kg including the upper and lower structures (including roof), roof snorkel, engine air intake cavity, battery and power electronics housing. This, in common with the road car, meets FIA load requirements for rollover in GT racing category. Since the ‘rollcage’ is incorporated into the MonoCage, there is no reduction in headroom for the driver. The center piece of the driver’s environment is the newly developed steering wheel, which has been designed to make all controls as easily accessible and user-friendly as possible. As with various elements throughout the car, there is significant heritage linked to the steering wheel. Although unique to the McLaren P1™ GTR, the design is based on the steering wheel of the 2008 Formula 1™ championship-winning MP4-23. As on a Formula 1™ car, key controls including the mode switches are located to the center of the bespoke steering wheel. This allows the driver to fully adjust the setup and characteristics of the car without having to take their hands from the wheel. The DRS and IPAS buttons are retained on the steering wheel. In the design and implementation of this new set up, all controls can be comfortably operated, and are easily accessible, when in a full race suit, helmet and gloves. The cabin is equipped with lightweight DTM-style seats and full six-point motorsport harnesses. This will be specifically set up for the individual driver, and mounted directly to the chassis, reducing weight by having no additional mounting brackets. The HANS-approved carbon fiber seat shell offers comfort and support, and has been ergonomically-designed along with the rest of the cabin controls. Despite the stripped out environment, the air-conditioning is retained to maintain comfort during the much more physical driving experience.
October 22, 2014 at 01:28 PM

Man Stops Over Cop For Patrolling Illegally

Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do?

[gallery ids="541804"] Gavin Seim a former congressional candidate in Washinton State stopped an unmarked police car in Washington state for being, well, unmarked. While most of us are used to seeing unmarked cars out and about Washington state has a law preventing them from being on patrol. You can see the edited version below or catch the whole version on Seim's YouTube channel. Keep fighting the good fight, Gavin!
October 21, 2014 at 02:44 PM

Duracell Builds Fleet Of Trucks To Aid In Natural Disasters

Just in time for winter Duracell has strengthened its fleet of first response vehicles.

[gallery ids="541797,541798,541799,541801"] With the anniversary of Hurricane Sandy approaching and inevitable winter storms across the nation Duracell has added to its fleet of first response vehicles. Based out of hubs in St. Louis, MO, Manchester, NH and New Orleans, LA and San Francisco, CA the trucks vary in style and purpose to best suit the needs of the region from floods to tornados to winter storms. It's no surprise that trucks come equipped with power for charging devices, but also access to computers and internet as well as, in some cases, an entire community center in tow. Via Duracell: DURACELL PLEDGES COMMITMENT TO POWERING MORE COMMUNITIES IN TIMES OF DISASTER The NEW expanded Duracell Power Forward fleet works to provide relief to those affected within 24 hrs September 30, 2014 - BETHEL, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE) The Duracell Power Forward program, known for donating batteries to those affected by natural disaster since 2011, is expanding its fleet and joining forces with The Weather Channel and Ready.gov to reach more people, more quickly during devastating storms. With the addition of new vehicles and hubs in New Orleans, San Francisco, and St. Louis, the fleet’s goal is to reach any storm site in the continental U.S. within 24 hours. “Being in the battery business, we know all too well when a natural disaster strikes, power fails and communities aren't always prepared,” said Jeff Jarrett, Marketing Director for Duracell. “Duracell believes a little power goes a long way in reviving hope, so we have committed to expanding our fleet and relief efforts.” In honor of America’s PrepareAthon! National Day of Action, Duracell reaffirms its commitment to support Ready.gov in spreading the preparedness message through its extensive fleet preparations. Duracell’s commitment to on-the-ground relief is also evident in a new partnership with The Weather Channel, which will help Duracell Power Forward efficiently track power-threatening storms and assist the fleet in identifying and reaching those most in need. Stephanie Abrams, on-camera meteorologist for The Weather Channel, has covered almost every major severe weather event of the last decade and understands the importance of critical services in the days following such an event. “Deploying to natural disasters comes with the territory as a Severe Weather Strike Force Team member, but it has been so inspiring to see brands like Duracell providing relief on-site and standing side by side with us in communities when they need us most,” said Abrams. “We look forward to working in partnership with the Duracell Power Forward fleet to ensure they are prepared and ready to deploy as soon as disaster strikes.” About Duracell Power Forward Since 2011, Duracell Power Forward has been on-the-ground providing batteries, power and comfort to those in need. The fleet has deployed to 14 disaster locations and helped more than 30,000 families by distributing over 350,000 batteries, charging over 7,000 devices, and providing computer access to over 5,000 people. The new Duracell Power Forward fleet has expanded to include 5 custom-made vehicles designed for the specific needs of each region and types of disasters it will service. This fleet is strategically stationed at hubs in Manchester, NH; St. Louis, MO; New Orleans, LA and San Francisco, CA to help its goal of reaching any disaster in the continental US within 24 hours. For more information, visit http://www.duracell.com/en-us/power-forward.
October 20, 2014 at 04:28 PM

Hennessy Supercharged 2015 Mustang GT

Upgrade your new Ford Mustang to over 700 horsepower.

[gallery ids="541790,541791,541792,541793,541794"] Hennessy Performance has again done what they do best, tune cars. This time it is the all new Ford Mustang offering two complete packages for the 2015MY 'Stang. The HPE600 and HPE700 will boost the car to 620hp/595lb-ft. and 717hp/632lb-ft., respectively. The lower horsepower package will set you back $14,950 while the 700+ horsepower HPE700 will cost $17,950.
October 20, 2014 at 02:33 PM
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