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Scion Might Be Planning FR-S Sedan

Because what every lightweight sports cars needs is more doors.

0-60 aston-martin-vanquish-v12

Aston Martin Plans To Keep The V12, Add A Lagonda SUV

And they have zero plans for hybridization.


120 Miles To Alice Springs: Australia's Autobahn Is Coming Back

A speed limit-free stretch of highway opens up in Australia's heart.

0-60 ferrari f12berlinetta f12 berlinetta motor trend test acceleration weight

Why Was Motor Trend's Ferrari F12berlinetta So Slow And Heavy?

We think the answer may involve the U.S. government and a whole bunch of water weight.

0-60 cars porsche-918-spyder-cgi-powertrain

Go Beneath The Skin Of The Porsche 918 Spyder's In This Dope Powertrain Video

Seems like Porsche upped their CGI budget.

0-60 sls-amg-gt-gullwing-featured

AMG Will Make Another Gullwing Mercedes-Benz Sports Car

Just not for a while.