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McLaren P1 Revealed: Putting The Exotic Back In Exotica

Like nothing you've seen before. In a good way.

0-60 cars mclaren p12 macca p1 supercar paris preview

McLaren P12 Will Be Macca's Great Power Used For Good

And it will make its debut at the Paris Motor Show.

0-60 cars maserati-gransport-question

Maserati Will Show Off New (Sports?) Car In Paris

The question is...what?

0-60 cars nissan-gt-r-meets-blue-angels-feat

We'll See The Next GT-R In 2018

Expect a steady stream of updates until then.

0-60 cars ferrari-458-italia-monte-carlo-scuderia-front

Scuderia-Style Ferrari 458 To Be Called "Monte Carlo"?

What's next, the Ferrari FF Caprice?

0-60 cars nissan r34 gt-r for sale america 1999

Do Want: 1999 Nissan GT-R R34

Bringing you our results of countless hours spent on eBay and forum classifieds.

0-60 cars red-bull-racing-david-coulthard-f1-new-jersey

David Coulthard Opens A Can Of F1 On New Jersey (w/Video)

Red Bull's official cut of DC's epic NYC-area adventure.


Next Audi A8 May No Longer Use FWD Chassis

Go common VW Group architecture!


Bentley Bringing A New Sports Car To Paris

Now let's hope they bring it to production, too.

0-60 cars david-williams-zr1-c7-corvette

Chevy Bans Tourists From The Corvette Factory

Why? Because the C7 'Vette is coming soon.

0-60 cars AUDI-TT-S-AUTONOMOUS stanford robot race track

Skynet Goes Racing: Self-Driving Audi TT Hits The Track (w/Video)

Well, we're screwed.

0-60 cars bmw zagato roadster z4 pebble beach 2012

BMW Zagato Roadster Is A Slinkier Z4

Italian style on a German drop-top, all unveiled in California.