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0-60 cars mclaren p12 macca p1 supercar paris preview

McLaren P12 Will Be Macca's Great Power Used For Good

And it will make its debut at the Paris Motor Show.

0-60 cars maserati-gransport-question

Maserati Will Show Off New (Sports?) Car In Paris

The question is...what?

0-60 cars nissan-gt-r-meets-blue-angels-feat

We'll See The Next GT-R In 2018

Expect a steady stream of updates until then.

0-60 cars ferrari-458-italia-monte-carlo-scuderia-front

Scuderia-Style Ferrari 458 To Be Called "Monte Carlo"?

What's next, the Ferrari FF Caprice?

0-60 cars nissan r34 gt-r for sale america 1999

Do Want: 1999 Nissan GT-R R34

Bringing you our results of countless hours spent on eBay and forum classifieds.

0-60 cars red-bull-racing-david-coulthard-f1-new-jersey

David Coulthard Opens A Can Of F1 On New Jersey (w/Video)

Red Bull's official cut of DC's epic NYC-area adventure.


Next Audi A8 May No Longer Use FWD Chassis

Go common VW Group architecture!


Bentley Bringing A New Sports Car To Paris

Now let's hope they bring it to production, too.

0-60 cars ferrari 599 gto sp ayra cheerag dubai custom special projects

Ferrari SP Arya Is One Rich Guy's Dream 599 GTO

Buy enough Ferraris, and they'll let you create your own.

0-60 cars AUDI-TT-S-AUTONOMOUS stanford robot race track

Skynet Goes Racing: Self-Driving Audi TT Hits The Track (w/Video)

Well, we're screwed.

0-60 cars bmw zagato roadster z4 pebble beach 2012

BMW Zagato Roadster Is A Slinkier Z4

Italian style on a German drop-top, all unveiled in California.

0-60 cars ford GT40 mirage gulf steve mcqueen 1970 le mans

Gulf Liveried '68 Ford GT40 Sells For $11M At Pebble Beach

A car with a long, interesting story adds another chapter.