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0-60 cars mercedes-benz sls amg gullwing gt3 45th anniversary race

Shots Of The Day: Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 45th Anniversary

An exclusive five-off race car for a few very rich AMG fans.

0-60 cars audi-quattro-concept-featured

Audi Quattro Project Is Shut Down, Small Crossover Coming In Its Place

But it should still be quite a bit of fun.

0-60 cars bmw-1-series-e60-v10-m5-engine-1m

Missed The BMW 1M? Buy A V10-Powered Replica Instead

E60 M5 power for an E82 1 Series M wannabe.

0-60 cars sls-amg-gt-electric-drive-track

SLS AMG GT, SLS AMG Electric Drive Take To The Track (w/Video)

A quiet lap at Ascari and a noisy one at the Nürburgring.

porsche-918-brochure-feat nurburgring lap time nordschleife

Porsche 918 Spyder May Do A Sub-7 Min. 'Ring Lap

Keep in mind, they still have eleven months to work on it.

0-60 cars bentley continental GT3 speed race car road

Bentley Continental GT3 May Be Coming To A Road Near You

Stripped-down, powered-up Bentley race cars for the street? Oh, hell yes.


Ecclestone: You Know What, Screw Those Turbo V6s

The Cranky Old Man of F1 changes his mind...again.

0-60 cars SRT-White-Gunmetal-BLCK-CALIPPERS-532

Dodge SRT Reveals Pricing, Options For the 2013 Viper

Hope you're in those upper tax brackets.

0-60 cars paris mercedes-benz sls amg electric drive e-cell

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive Should Be Called Blue Lightning

Or "Benz's Electric Boogaloo."