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lexus lfa blue farewell production finished 0-60

Goodbye, Lexus LFA. We Hardly Knew Ye.

Mostly because we barely had the chance to drive you.

jaguar f type justin bell martin brundle christian danner

Jaguar Invites Three Racing Gurus To Drive The New F-Type

Spoiler alert: They like it.

ferrari f150 f70 supercar enzo replacement italian jesus supercar

Ferrari Shows Us The F70 (Or F150, Or Enzo Successor, Or Whatever)

We don't know what it's called, but now we have an idea what it looks like.


Rolls-Royce Rallying: You're Doing It Right (w/Video)

Hooning it up off-road in a Rolls-Royce Phantom is classy as hell.

amg-sls-christmas cookies baking 0-60 cars gt3 race car

AMG And The SLS GT3 Wish You A Merry Christmas

May your nights be delicious and high-octane.

audi r8 tdi supercar mclaren p1 le mans

Audi: Our Diesel Supercar Will Kick The McLaren P1's Ass

A Le Mans-inspired supercar to compete with the world's best? We're into it.

bmw m6 gran coupe 0-60 m5 6 series detroit naias 2013 summer silver 552 560 horsepower

BMW M6 Gran Coupe: Exactly What You'd Expect, Again

If you know BMWs, you can figure out the M6 Gran Coupe. But enjoy the pictures.

lamborghini-aventador-j-532 0-60 custom 50th anniversary

Lamborghini Will Mark 50th Birthday With Special New Car

We bet it'll cost a lot.

Porsche-919-badge-532 918 960 super sports car

Porsche Super Sports Car May Be Dead, But There May Be A "919"

The latest in new Porsche rumors to stoke your curiosity.

Jaguar-C-X75_cancelled 0-60 cars canned

Jaguar C-X75 Supercar Development Shut Down


0-60 porsche 911 gt3 cup 991 race racing sports metzger

Porsche 911 GT3 Cup Is Overflowing With Desirability

We want. We want. We really want this Porsche.


This Is A Dog Driving A Car.

And now for something completely different.