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Michael Bloomberg To Ban Cars With More Than 250 HP From NYC

0-60 plans prompt move to Hoboken.


Red Bull Racing Shakeup: Mark Webber Out, Tom Cruise In

Movie star to take spot as No. 2 driver for rest of season.

bmw-m6-gran-coupe-front-view stick shift manual

All 2014 BMW M6 Models Get A Six-Speed Stick

If you want one. But you should take them up on it.

audi-r18 scorpion project code name codename supercar

Audi Supercar Project Called "Scorpion," Will Rock You Like A Hurricane

And pack a really potent turbodiesel V6.


Maserati May Build Their Own LaFerrari-Based Supercar

Can you say "MC12 2.0?"


542 Horsepower Jaguar XJR Is More Proof Of Jaguar's Coolness

A hard-charging aluminum-bodied luxury sedan—that we really want to drive.

ferrari-458-scuderia challenge stradale monte carlo italia 0-60 frankfurt

Ferrari 458 "Scuderia" Order Books Are Now Open

Not that you'll know exactly what you're ordering.

porsche-911-gt3-rs-2010 2014 pdk 0-60

Porsche 911 GT3 RS Confirmed For 2014

But if you were hoping for a stick shift...


BMW 1M Will Get A Successor, M CEO Promises

And we'll probably like it.