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toyota ft 86 open concept geneva 0-60 scion fr-s gt-86

Toyota FT 86 Open Is The FR-S Roadster You Can't Buy Yet

But when it does, watch out, Miata.


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lamborghini-shark audi r18 fin geneva supercar aventador v12

Lamborghini's Geneva Supercar Shocker Could Look Like A Shark

Or, if you prefer, like an Audi race car.

chevrolet sunny wild card ss corvette stingray charlie kelly day

Chevrolet Is Bringing The Corvette Stingray And The SS To The 'Ring

Along with a couple of wild cards.


Nissan Will Build A NISMO GT-R

Because you can always make a faster GT-R.


Chevrolet Planning Bargain-Basement Corvette?

A sub-Stingray base model with a smaller engine is possible.

ferrari f150 italian jesus supercar enzo successor replacement spy photo picture image

Check Out These Camouflaged Ferrari F150 Pictures

Before they're obsolete.


Next Cadillac CTS-V Will Get New Engine, May Lose Coupe Version

Also, there's a chance the ATS-V may score a V8 at some point.

0-60 2014 chevrolet ss performance sedan chevy v8 rwd rear wheel drive daytona speed week speedweek

2014 Chevrolet SS Performance Sedan Pops Up In Daytona

V8 and RWD yes; sadly, no manual, though.