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audi-r18 scorpion project code name codename supercar

Audi Supercar Project Called "Scorpion," Will Rock You Like A Hurricane

And pack a really potent turbodiesel V6.


Maserati May Build Their Own LaFerrari-Based Supercar

Can you say "MC12 2.0?"


542 Horsepower Jaguar XJR Is More Proof Of Jaguar's Coolness

A hard-charging aluminum-bodied luxury sedan—that we really want to drive.

ferrari-458-scuderia challenge stradale monte carlo italia 0-60 frankfurt

Ferrari 458 "Scuderia" Order Books Are Now Open

Not that you'll know exactly what you're ordering.

porsche-911-gt3-rs-2010 2014 pdk 0-60

Porsche 911 GT3 RS Confirmed For 2014

But if you were hoping for a stick shift...


BMW 1M Will Get A Successor, M CEO Promises

And we'll probably like it.

gm-new-turbocharged-v6 cts 2014

Cadillac: 2014 CTS Will Offer 420 HP Turbo V6

Not the CTS-V—the regular CTS.


Check Out Pagani's Oddly Erotic Huayra Ad (w/Video)

Assuming your workplace doesn't have a problem with videos featuring sexual content.

porsche-911-gt3-track powertrain 991 2014 0-60

Porsche 911 GT3 Powertrain Video Is The Best Thing You'll Watch Today

Assuming you haven't seen that video of the baby seals on the surfboard.


Tanner Foust Laps The Nürburgring In A Ford F-150 SVT Raptor

Why? Because he can.


Mercedes-Benz Will Show Off SLS AMG Successor Soon...Kinda

Expect a concept car preview version in the near future.


Alfa Romeo 4C Debut Video Actually Makes Us Laugh

Also aroused. And a little creeped out.