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Nismo Nissan GT-R Coming, Could Lap The 'Ring In 7:18

Will you have the balls to handle a 570 hp Godzilla?

0-60 cars audi-sport-quattro-s1 new quattro concept frankfurt

Audi May Be Building A 650 HP Sport Quattro "Concept" For Frankfurt

You may commence with the drooling.

DNI_SLS AMG Electric Drive SLS

Mercedes-Benz Sets A Nürburgring Lap Record With Electric SLS

No electric car has broken the eight-minute barrier...until now.


Ferrari 458 Italia Replacement Will Probably Go To A Turbo V6

But relax-it shouldn't be for at least five years.

0-60 2014-s63-amg-featured s-class mercedes-benz

Yo, What Up, All-New 2014 Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG (w/Video)

Reassurance we didn't need, but still appreciate.

0-60 porsche le mans 2014 lmp1 prototype race racing car

Porsche Shows Off New Le Mans Prototype Race Car

They're back, baby, and we're lovin' every minute of it.

0-60 2015-ford-mustang-render svt gt500 shelby

Next SVT Ford Mustang Could Lose Shelby Name, Blown V8

So buy your 662 horsepower Mustangs now, folks.

0-60 porsche baby boxster 550 reborn new roadster audi vw r4

Porsche Baby Boxster Is Apparently Back On Again

Or was it even cancelled? We can't even keep track anymore.

0-60 range rover sport pikes peak race record time 2014 land rover

2014 Range Rover Sport Kicks Pikes Peak's Ass...Like A Sir

New Range sets a record for fastest production vehicle ascent.

0-60 porsche 911 carrera widebody 50 50th anniversary special edition photshop render

Porsche 911 50th Anniversary Edition Is Yet Another 911 You'll Want

This one comes with just a dash of retro baked into the recipe.

0-60 schumacher f1 nurburgring

A Schmui-Eye's View Of The 'Ring From An F1 Car (w/Video)

Schumacher dusts off the ol' F1 driving gloves for a lap of the Nordschleife.

0-60 pagani zonda revolucion revolution 800 horsepower 2358 pounds weight power

Pagani Zonda Revolucion Is The Last Of The Big-Time Zondas

It's got the weight of a del Sol, and more power than an F12berlinetta.