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BY: Rey Fries

Kimi to Citroen?

Possible deal would put the former world champion into the WRC next year.

Even with his schedule cleared, it seems that Kimi Raikkonen can't escape motorsport. He's expressed a lot of interest in the WRC before, and it seems the he is oh-so-close to inking a deal with team Citroen to run all 13 races on the World Rally calendar for 2010. Although nothing has been said officially, Citroen team principal Olivier Quesnel expressed interest in him running next year, praising the Finn's skill on gravel. Don't expect an immediate Loeb/Raikkonen, however; he'll have to start on the junior team first. Either way, with Red Bull possibly backing the project, we're glad there's a chance of more deadpan interviews and balls-out driving in the future. (source: ColdTrackDays and Channel4)

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