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BY: Jonathan

2010 Audi Sportback Revealed

Audi’s newest 5-door sport hatch set to take Europe by storm.

After a relatively short wait, Audi has finally released all of the details regarding the newest addition to their growing line-up, the 2010 Audi A5 Sportback. Based on the A5 coupe, the Sportback is actually considered by Audi to be a mid-size 5-door "liftback" model, which retains the lines of a coupe but has the practicality of a station wagon. Unfortunately, the Sportback will only be offered in European markets, which is actually kind of a shame, because we think that the car would probably do well here in the states, competing with the likes of the 5-series GT and Acura's upcoming ZDX. The Sportback still reminds us most closely of Mercedes-Benz's CLS however, although the CLS is not technically considered to be a true 5-door sports hatch. The Sportback will come with an option of 6 different engine set-ups ranging from 170hp all the way up to 265hp, all paired with either a manual transmission a multitronic transmission, or Audi's seven-speed S tronic. 17 in wheels will come standard, however if rolling on dubs is more your style, Audi will be offering wheel sizes up to 20 in as well. The interior of course will be consistent with the quality and set-up of Audi's other models and we can probably expect that the offered equipment and trim to be similar as well. Check the press release below for full details. PRESS RELEASE The Audi A5 Sportback

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