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BY: Bix

Street Legal Rally Car

Mitsubishi throws out a hand grenade in a world full of fire crackers.

The latest in a series of already fast four-doors, is the new Evo X FQ-400. We broke the somewhat sad news (sad because we don't get it) back in December of the new Evo that would tear the asphalt from the ground akin to tearing the fingernails off your hands. Aside from the hyperbole, the FQ-400 will do 0-60 in 3.8 seconds thanks to the newly reworked 2.0L turbo four, which features high-flow fuel injectors and a hybrid turbocharger pushing power to 403hp and 387 lb.-ft of torque. Mitsubishi increased the track, lowered the suspension thanks to Eibach springs wrapped around Bilstein shocks, threw on some lightweight nine-spoke 18s and upgraded the brakes with aerospace grade aluminum calipers. The only sphincter tightening feature that we're not so keen on is the price. At $78,120 it's quite pricey for a Mitsubishi Evolution. Yes, it comes with all the fancy crap you'd come to expect from a car that cost that much, but still, it's an Evo. (Source: MotorAuthority)

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