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BY: Ron

Whole Lotta Love

We’ve got a race car roundup four-way starring Aston’s LMP1, Audi R15 and new Force India and Red Bull STR F1 cars.

As you can see we've condensed what would be four individual posts into one master recap post. Four teams have released photos of their latest entries into their respective racing disciplines. First up we have the Gulf liveried Aston Martin Le Mans Prototype car. Closed cockpit for the win? This racer has the thundering Aston V12 sourced from the DBR9 strapped to a Lola chassis. It'll race in all five 1,000km races under the European Le Mans Series and of course, the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Next, potentially doing battle with Aston's closed cockpit rocket at Le Mans we have the Audi R15. Remember? We told you about this car back in February. It's basically purpose built to destroy the competition at, and only at, Sebring and Le Mans. Two mega differences between last year's Force India car and this year's is the livery and powertrain. This year they've ditched Ferrari as an engine supplier and gone with Mercedes-Benz lumps. And for the livery dorks, notice the new paint scheme sans red and gold. Last year Force India didn't score one point, but you gotta think positive, right Vijay? The Red Bull STR open-wheeler will redline a Ferrari engine again this year. Seabass, we're rootin' for ya! Press Blast for Aston Martin LMP1 Paul Ricard, 9 March 2009. Following weeks of intense preparation Aston Martin Racing ran its new LMP1 cars for the first time at the Le Mans Series test held at the Paul Ricard Circuit in France on 8/9 March. Car numbers 007 and 009 resplendent in their Gulf Oil International orange and blue livery took to the French circuit on Sunday morning. All six of the team's drivers, Jan Charouz (CZ), Tomas Enge (CZ), Stefan M

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