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BY: Bix

Fo SHO!?

For all you Ford Taurus SHO lovers out there, we have a surprise.

Apparently a lot of you guys love Ford Taurus SHOs for some reason we just don't understand. We've received letters and shout outs pleading for an SHO to be featured in our rag. Well, we haven't exactly featured one, yet, but here's a little teaser from Ford. It seems as if Ford is doing some testing down in Florida and these "spy shots" are of the new SHO that's supposed to be unveiled in Chicago next month. The front end looks good but the rear leaves us wondering. There's not that much information on the car but there's talk of the SHO coming with the EcoBoost V6 with 355hp and 350 lb.-ft, which funny enough, is more than the 2010 Mustang. (Source: CarDomain via Jalopnik)

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