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BY: Bix

Tune it! Safe! Scirocco

Premiering at the Essen Motor Show later this month, the Tune It! Safe! Scirocco promotes safe tuning.

Collaboration between the German Federal Ministry of Transport and VDAT eV (Association of Automobile Tuners in Germany) and the new Volkswagen Scirocco has brought forth the 2009 Tune It! Safe! Polizei vehicle. The reasoning behind the Scirocco show car is to promote safe automobile tuning and the most distinct feature is the Polizei livery, while the main sponsor, Hankook, showcases their Ventus S1 tires. The Scirocco will showcase at the Essen Motor Show in Germany from November 29th to December 7th and will also be touring other shows throughout the country. If you can read German, check out tune-it-safe.de for more information. Past cars that have worn the Tune It! Safe! moniker have been the Brabus Rocket and Porsche 997 Carrera S. (Source: worldcarfans.com)

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