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BY: Bix

Ferrari California Configurator

You might not love the California, but we know you love tinkering around at work.

If you check out the Ferrari California minisite, they have a neat California configurator that lets you design the California to your specs. They have 27 exterior colors, 12 interior shades, three wheel choices and five caliper colors. We know there's been some negative thoughts about the car but hey, give it a shot. We've designed a nice Grigio Alloy metallic paint, with a Rosso leather interior, complete with 19" forged diamond wheels and some yellow calipers to top it off. Check it out. It's not like you have anything to waste; except for time at work and that's replaceable. We like ours with the top up. Go to Ferraris California site and make your California and as a bonus there is a video directed by Michael Mann (same dude who directed Heat). After seeing and hearing the California, we wouldn't kick her out of bed. (Browsed from: vwvortex.com)

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