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BY: Bix

Vorsteiner CLK63 AMG

SPOILER ALERT! It’s another tuned Mercedes! And it’s sick!

The Mercedes CLK63 is blowing up, not literally, but seriously getting tuned. The tuning world can't get enough of it! There is a new tuned Mercedes CLK63 coming out every damn day it seems like. But who are we to complain, not that we are. These tuned Mercedes are obviously sick and will give you horripilations. The Vorsteiner CLK63 AMG doesn't make due with more oomph, they instead added aero components bringing the top speed past 200mph. They also add more of a DTM feel to the car. We like it. But why wouldn't we. Press release below: Vorsteiner CLK63 AMG “Black Widow” The CLK 63 AMG Black coupe has been fine tuned with an all-new lightweight dry carbon fiber front spoiler and a more aggressive replacement carbon fiber deck lid spoiler. Code named the “Black Widow” the combination of the Vorsteiner DTM front and rear spoiler components has been found to drastically improve down force & aerodynamics during high speed tests at the track over 321km/h (200mph). The carbon fiber front spoiler is reminiscent of the factory CLK AMG DTM race cars that can be seen racing at lemans series. The carbon fiber rear spoiler balances the front end out by extending the original factory rear lip spoiler design by approximately 50mm with a more aggressive wing profile to maximize down force. Both of these components are a direct bolt onto the factory body panels without any modifications required. There has also been considerable care in the visual effects of the carbon fiber so that it is laminated and formed using the same aerospace technology as the factory carbon fiber side louvers vents and the rear spoiler from AMG for a perfect visual match. (Source: autofiends.com)

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