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BY: Michael

The black and folded town

When was the last time you went for a drive?

Night driving has long been a personal and arguably zen-like experience. Something done at 3am by yourself when the curiosity of night reveals itself. The peaceful environment is relaxing and we often find some of our best ideas come to us while night driving.


In the spirit of being "the people's car" V-dub has launched a new web site dedicated to bringing night drivers together in a non intrusive or enforcement filled way. The VW Night Driving homepage opens with a artistic yet insightful look into the essence of night driving, giving us a closer understanding of the somewhat unknown pastime. The website also provides us with a database of night drives powered by Google Earth, where you can post up your favorite routes and visit those of others in your area. The database is world wide containing drives in L.A., New York, London, and beyond. So your night time adventures are certainly anything but limited. Some pessimists might argue that this takes the very magic away from night driving, putting it in danger of popularizing to a point where you'll start to see throngs of people on the road joyriding after dark. However the daily demands and responsibility's of modern life suggest to us that people wont be strategically sleeping the day away only to suit up for a adventurous "night jaunt". We wouldn't be worried Mr. Half-empty.

Spread the love of Night Driving. Contribute to the database. Post your route. Drivers Night Drives Wanted.


[Source: VW Night Driving]


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