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BY: Michael

Radar Riffraff

A new proposal to outlaw radar detectors in Florida leaves motorists jammed.

Here’s another case of retired cops with too much time on their hands! Former Florida Highway Patrol sheriff turned senator has introduced legislation outlawing radar detectors by motorists in the sunshine state. Steve Oelrich, a former Alachua County sheriff stated, "Radar detectors give motorists a false sense of security that they can break the law and get away with it." It seams the general population of law enforcement is in agreement with Oelrich. For some, radar detectors add a “superman element of invincibility” to the attitude of the driver operating the detector. Personally, we don’t buy it. In our opinion there are only two types of people on the road, people who know how to drive and people who don’t. Just because you are wired up with a radar detector doesn’t mean that you’ve suddenly become Stefan Eriksson. It’s these delusional and often inexperienced people who wrongfully push their cars to the limit and are to blame, only adding to the Sheriff’s statistic. With no House companion bill, a new idea by a first-term member, like Oelrich, typically faces long odds. Legislative committee staff members in transportation and law enforcement said there had been no recent legislation about radar detectors. Hopefully this bill will be forever lost in the bureaucracy of state senate legislation. Word to the wise: Only Virgina and Washington DC currently outlaw the use of radar detectors by motorists, but in California and Minnesota, it is illegal to hang anything from the windshield, so they can get you on that. (source: Pensacola News Journal)

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